Feeling Elated

May be we should attend every mass in St. Dominic’s on Sundays, I thought to myself as we drove home. Mass today was so so good. We attended the 9.45 a.m mass. I was happy we did. I still am happy for the day ended with us going for the adoration in the church, not viewing it in youtube like some people I know.

slepzi 003 Now here is Ziim sleeping peacefully and I have this feeling of day’s job done… sufficient unto the day….

So why would I want to attend every single mass on Sudays?Well, the attention/compliments  we got today was quite extraordinary or should I say special as we have special needs, now I got you to smile.

Now that I think of it or rather write, I was already happy before we got to the church. I think it’s a carry over. Saturday, I was able to purge myseslf of some of my sins by visiting one of my older friends that I have not visited for a looong time, which contributed to my feelings here . I had called her early in the morning to ask if she was good for a visit. She was H.A.P.P.Y.  The rain started, it was a good reason for me to canceal but I thought it was best to go because the area where she lives is prone to flood, who knows she may need a hand if her house were to be flooded. We arrived just before Ziim’s lunch time (about 1.30 p.m). Luckily there was no flood. I had Ziim’s lunch. While I fed her, mummy, as I call her went to fix lunch for both us. We sat at the table, ate, and talked till about 7.00p.m! As is always with when we visit, she gave me words of encouragement. She had a child with special needs. We both enjoyed the visit, and I’m sure Ziim did too. Now you see why I think my happiness on Sunday morning was a carry over.

We arrived. The gate was shut. The traffic person at the gate told me that there was no more space inside. From where I wa,s I could see that there were or at least there was a space. It was raining. I let the window glass down so he could see me. He looked in; madam the parking lot is full, you have to go round and park at the other side. Definitely this is a pharoh that does not know  Joeseph. I stood, I had time, the 8.30 mass was still on. he walked away, you are not spoiling my mood I said to myself. Shortly, another traffic person comes along, he recognized me, surely this pharoh knows Joesphe. I saw him talk to the former one, pointing at the space where I usually park. He opeened the gate. Thank you.

As I got Ziim out of the car, wondering how to manage with her push chair and hold the umbrella to shield us from the rain, this young man appeared from nowhere with an umbrella, shielded us till we were out of the rain. Oh, thank you. We waited for the 8.30 to end. We were early so we got our usual seat without any wahala.

As we made to settle down, a middle aged man came to us, all smiles; madam I haven’t seen you for a while, how are you both? Hope all is well?  Taken aback. All is well Sir. We have been attending other masses. Good to know, was wondering about you both. Thank you Sir.

The people that sat near us shoock Ziim’s hand when we were asked to give sign of peace!! Actually, the lady that sat at our back, I guess when she noticed that Ziim was not stretching her hand stroked her face and smiled at her, then shoock my hand!!!

After mass; 1st woma; haa madam, I just love you and your baby. Haa ha.  2nd woman; Each time I see you both I am happy, I love the way you take care of her. Haaahaha, I gave her a copy of CpCenter news letter. As I made to leave, Mr man;  madam please, can I give you something for the baby? I know taking care of a child like this is a big challenge.  I was watching you both and I love your interaction with her. Hm.. shock, I gave him a copy of the newletter. We exchange contact info. I noticed that a lot more people were smling to me and making eye contact.

I know you probably are wondering why I am tripped by these simple show of love/attention/compliments/if you like acceptance.

Not too long ago, in this same church, the traffic people, even if I pleaded would not have allowed me to park. I had to practically fight them physically to get what you may call a handicap parking space, such that any mass I attend, the space is there unless the Sundays that there are activity going on there.

Not too long ago, people that sat around us would act as if Ziim was not there, they will “not see her” least shake her hand or touch her. People never used to talk to us, yes, this same church, they either look or stare at us. Actually, as I was leaving for mass that morning, because that is not our regular mass, I put some copies of CpCenter newsletter to give to any one I catch looking or starring at us.

I feel elated, that they no longer see us as alliens, something from  out  of this planet. There is this feeling of accomplishment, that I have succeeded in making them see my child as any other child. Making them aware of the fact that children like Ziim should be accepted in the society.

So if our presence made all these people happy, may be we should attend all the masses so that a lot more people will be happy. wouldn’t you think so?
































































One thought on “Feeling Elated

  1. This made my heart sing


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