Looking For & Eliminating Seizure Triggers

Sometimes, instead of treating a condition, it may do better to identify and posibly elimate what may be the trigger to the condition.

Seizures happen when brain cells over-fire, temporarily disrupting the brain’s normal electrical signals. It could be frightening for both the child and the parent. It amazes me how calmly I deal with the situation now. I remember the earlier days of Ziim, when the seizures were quite frequent and I had no idea what to do safe racing like a mad woman to the hospital. Once, encountering traffic, I jumped out of my car, picked my baby and jumped on the first bike that came our way, hm…

But in the past one year, we have gone seizure free, the grand mal that is. The last one was quite scary. Then we started diet-ly fighting seizures and seem to be doing well until recently. Within the past month she has had two episodes. That does not spell good.  Visiting the hospital, the dosage of her anti seizure medication was increased. I confess that I did not adhere to that. Why? I was sure, well almost sure the dosage she was on is ok, those aed dull cognition, there could be other ways. Besides I felt it’s best to see if there are triggers and possibly eliminate them.

According to the books, there is no real way of knowing when a seizure will occur or what will necessarily trigger one.  But there are a number of common factors, which may aggravate seizures, they include, sleep deprivation, rapid change in body temperature, stress, over exertion, poor nutrition.

I spent a major part of the day mentally analysing our activities or rather our lives in the past six weeks; what did we do or what did we not do that could have triggered the seizures?

Five weeks ago I went to Abuja for a workshop. It took me about two weeks to arrive at the decision to travel without Ziim. I was away for two nights. It was like reaching a milestone! Away from each other for the first time since God knows when. For the two nights I was away, Miss B and Ife that I got to look after her said she did not sleep. I was not surprised.  It was two day after I came back that she had  a big seizure. Could that be the culprit? Posibly.

On the 12th, which was Monday last week,our new physiotherapist, Mr. Dave started a series of rigorous activites with the children, particularly those like Ziim that are grossly delayed  and are showing signs of contractures. He would use infrared heat to reduce the pain for Ziim on her hips before working with her. Could this increase in activity in the past one week be a culprit? I talked with Mr. Dave this morning and he said it could possibly be. Are we going to stop? Hm..

These may well be the triggers. We’ll watch and see, and of course pray.

Mummy is not planning on taking any trip without Ziim in the near future. But the exercises, we may continue.

These may well be the triggers. We’ll watch and see, and of course pray.