Which Hospital??

I just took Ziim’s temperature again. It has come down to 36.6°C from 38.8°C three hours ago.

Since coming back from a quick trip to the villa on Friday, I had felt that her temperature was a bit elevated. Of course I was using “mummy natural thermometers”(back of mummy’s hand/ mummy’s chin). Mrs. Og. aka mummy Eke visited on Saturday and I expressed my worry concern, she quickly checked, of course with the natural thermometers and certified her fine. She too is not just a  mummy, but a special one at that, we both belong to that subset of mummies parenting angels whose wings need some sort mending here on earth. Her body is fine, she said. I kept my apprehension to myself.  After dinner, I gave paracetamol, it won’t hurt I said to myself.

Sunday, at about 2.am, Ziim was up. I felt the hotness warmness of her body. hmm.. should I give another paracetamol? I gave her water and she did not go back to sleep untill about 4.30 am. Here goes my wish to attend the 6. am mass. She woke up at 7 am. We made it for the 8.30 am, a bit late, but we made it.

As soon as we came back, I barely changed her outfit before she went to sleep. Mummy too decided to take a nap with her. When we woke up, I made lunch for us. She ate well. When I noticed that she wanted to sleep,I decided for us to go visiting because I did not want her to sleep. I wanted her to go to bed early at night. By 8 pm she was already fast asleep having taken her dinner and had a bath giving me time to look through the internet.

2 am Ziim was up. This time she was crying .Her body hot. And she was shivering. Then I remembered my recognized thermometer, I took her temp, it said 38.8 °C, I did it again, same thing. Calm down Nonye. What could be giving her fever? We just treated for malaria barely two weeks ago. I need to bring down the temp before she goes into seizure. Two weeks ago she had a fever that led to her having a grand mal seizure.

Thank goodness, NEPA was on, I quickly boiled some water, undressed her to her diapers, with a face towel I sponged her body, concentrating on her head. About an hour later she went back to sleep. I must have dozed off to sleep too for I woke up it was  5 am. I checked, using both types of  thermometers, the temperature is down. Thank God.

But what could be giving her the fever. That I have to find out. And only from the hospital. Hm..Tests!

Hospital!! Now which one?? As I sit here, I am looking at (mentally that is) my schedule for today, so much I need to do. Because I was out of the Center Thursday and Friday, I put a lot of things to be done today. Hospital!! It did not even make the list now it is priority, don’t you think so? But the question is; which hospital do I go to?






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