Asking For a little Prayer

Thank God I bought the rectal diazepam after the last episode of seizure we had. I almost did not buy it. When I was told the price, I hesitated, I did a quick mental calculation of what a thousand five hundred Naira would do for us. I did not realize that a 2.5mg of rectal diazepam costs that much! The last supply we had been by the generousity of my lil sis and her husband, and to think that the six tubes sat on the table for almost a year unused! Expired!!  Now I am glad I made the better judgment  to buy that one tube or I would have been wriggling by hands in regret now.

You guessed right, Ziim just had a grand mal. We had a good day yesterday, she ate well and at about 8.00p.m she was in bed. About half an hour later, I discovered she was still awake, that’s not like her, usually she would have slept off. I was trying to do some reading, I had to go and rock her to sleep and of course I slept off  too. You know sleep could be infectious.

I woke up, sensing that she needed to change position, in my attempt to help her,she woke up. It’s 1.45am. Mum could save a diaper I said to myself, so to the potty she goes. Good, she did the wee, in no time I had rocked her back to sleep. All sleep off my eyes, I decided to catch up with emails.

From the table, I heard the heavy breathing. What could be wrong? I walked to the bed.  Ziim was twitching, eyes rolling up, one arm jerking. Oh the seizures are back. Hm…

Calmly I administered the rectal diazepam, in less than three minutes she  was relaxed and fell asleep. Now I can’t wait for morning to come for me to go replenish my stock.

But then, why are the seizures back? thought we have been doing well.  She’s not running temperature since after the last treatment. Hm…

We can do with a little prayer, so we are asking.






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