Praying For an “Aaron and Hur”

It’s been six weeks since I stopped by you my dear web space aka my blog. I am sorry for this long absence. How could I do that to you?  Not checking in for well over six weeks? You, who it is that I pour out my heart to.  Ever willing to listen to my ramblings. I really did not plan to be away for this long, but away I was. But I am here now.

So much has been going on and most evenings I usually am so tired that I just lurk around on face book, that wonderful social network space,  barely having enough strength to lift a finger and “like” my friends’ postings.

You know the last months of the year usually are quite sobering  for me, those “BER” months that ushered in knowledge to me, if you like robbed me of my innocence bringing me into the world of those who not only know, but live the life of “specialist”.

In my last posting I was praying, coincidental since the last couple of days, any where I turned to, prayer seems to be the theme. Sitting at mass on Sunday morning, the first and the gospel readings were centered on prayer.  The officiating priest dwelt so much on the need to pray unceasingly, every prayer is answered, not in our way. Sometimes, I honestly get a bit confused. More like sometimes I allow myself to be confused about how every prayer is answered even when in my human eyes, more like  right under my nose the problem appears to be, is getting worse.  But when I allow myself not to be confused, when I put on my extra pair of eyes and l.o.o.k, I see realize that truly, my prayers are answered, often not the way I prayed but better.

So dear blog, this morning I come back with simple prayer and this I hope it is answered the way I want or better. You know how upset I was yesterday (still slightly so) about that attitude of one of the parents of a child in the Center. What they did is inexcusable you will agree with me. Unfortunately or is it fortunately they had left before I learnt of this their act.

Dear blog, though I definitely am not as upset as I was yesterday (shouldn’t be, having had some sleep) but I need prayers not to do that which I feel justified to do.

Please, just like  “Aaron and Hur held up Moses’s hands, one on one side, and the other on the other side; so his hands were steady until the sun set. And Joshua defeated Amalek and his people with the sword”, (Exodus 17:12-13) so do I need to be held up in prayers so that my anger will set completely so I that I defeat this anger and do not ask these people to take their child out of the Center today. Like I said, I hope and ask that this prayer be answered, more like I am asking for “Aaron and Hur” to hold me up, any one out there?