Wearing My Warrior Mom Badge

Exactly seven years today,  November 28th, 2006, the words “Cerebral Palsy” crept into my vocabulary. I could barely pronounce ”Cerebral Palsy”. I still hear the doctor’s voice at Owerri sick bay, “madam, this child has cerebral palsy, what happened? This child was resuscitated at birth, what happened? You can not take care of a child like this, take her back”

I still hear the voice of the lady in charge of adoption process then at the ministry of women affairs and youth development; ”madam leave this child, we’ll arrange for another baby for you, you can not take care of this one”

Sitting here in the cold night in a land, very far from mine, my mind goes back to that day. The pain, the confusion, the fear, the uncertainty, hm….

It has been a journey from shock through anger, bitterness , guilt, resentment, ignorance, denial to knowledge  acceptance, peace and faith.

Seven years down the line, I have come to accept the warrior Mom badge. A special needs warrior mom at that. A badge I feel I deserve (excuse my immodesty) considering that through this experience I also “parent” about 20 other children with CP. I should take a trip to Owerri, actually saying, come see me doc.

And who do I have to thank for this badge? My family!!!! The whole of you have been there, every step, everyday. There are also you my friends who I see as my siblings from another parents.  and of course you my cyber family and friends, how could I have gotten this far without your support and love albeit on the web. Above all, I thank God and pray that He grants me the serenity to accept that He is still keeping the cure for CP to Himself  though people may not understand why, including yours truly,  and  grant me the courage to never fail to take Ziim out in the public, not minding the stares.

So when you see the letters WM after my name, now you know what that is…I am a warrior mom. Nonye(WM)