We’re coming back!

I have been off blogging for a while. End of November last year, daring the cold,  Ziim and I were in Belgium  to look into an alternative therapy that promises among other things to address the intense pain she was in as a result of her hip dislocation. I talked about it here. Coming back, I have to follow the instructions to the letter; it entails putting in a minimum of four  hours  forty five minutes of manual exercises on Ziim everyday. I always like to follow  instructions to the letter so that I can confidently say “yes I did it as I was told; here is what I got”.

To achieve those number of hours, still have time to work with other children at the center and get some paper work done, and of course be mummy and do my domestic work, I have to wake up as early as 3 am while Ziim is still asleep and try to work for about three hours before our day starts at about 7 am.(the beauty of the therapy, you can work with the child while she is asleep).  So far, I have done it, I am happy, though it has taken me away from my blog among other things. But let me quickly say that the result I have seen so far not just on Ziim, but on other children in the Center that we are trying the therapy on, is enough to justify all the work and  a follow up. Now you know why I have been away, I am working towards dropping in often.



One thought on “We’re coming back!

  1. Hi. Thanks so much for visiting my blog recently. You commented on a post I had about my daughter’s surgery and ABM. We did go through with the surgery, because I found out about ABM so late in the game her hip was ready to come out and I was worried about the implications. The surgery went well, but was almost 7 hours long. They did her hips and also lengthening in 6 areas. She has been doing well, set up in a bed in the living room in her body cast. Tomorrow we go back and get the casting off and start the rehab process. I would love to learn about ABM, but I am daunted by your description. I have three kids, and life is so busy with work and parenting and home and therapies already. I can’t imagine finding four more hours to do this. And then of course, I feel like a terrible mother for admitting that. Is it something that would benefit my girl post surgery? She was ambulating with a walker before surgery and is very smart and verbal and typical otherwise. I want to make this whole ordeal “worth it” by moving forward and doing all I can for her.
    Thanks. I love your blog and your writing.


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