How Come Turkey???

Turkey is an experience I cannot fail to share with you my dear blog. Yes, I did not come in as often as I said I would. I have been blogging in my heart:), but I have to share Turkey with you, for in Turkey I saw my vision, again,  playing before me, this time in reality. In 2009, I saw my vision of CpCenter, but then, it was in print..subject of another post

But how can I share the experience without first sharing “how come Turkey”.

It started with one of those emails you wondered, before opening that is, why it was not sent to your junk mail box. But like they say, curiousity often gets the better of an inquisitive person. I plead guilty of being one. I opened the mail. It was an invitation to an international conference on Cerebral Palsy in Istanbul, Turkey. How come? Okay, I thought, must have been sent by a CpCenter board member, a medical doctor  who at that time was on a course in Turkey. I sent a  thank you mail to him acknowledging the mail. Which mail? he asked. The one about the conference. Did not send any mail. Oh really, forwarding the mail, since you’re in Turkey, coincidentally Istanbul, please check out the organization for me and the details of the conference.  He did, and advised  that I attend. I started a correspondence with the organizers.

The conference fee was next to nothing for parents, so I registered as one and made payment. This Thursday in December 2013, I took a Turkish Airline flight to Istanbul, arrived Friday morning. At my hotel room, I freshened up and went to the conference venue. It was a well attended conference. I made sure I talked with everyone who presented a paper and could speak English, most did not speak English.

Then I met the organizers. Hello, you speak English? of course a good number of they do, They were surprised that I came all the way from Africa. I was the only black person, I was later to be joined by the doctor (international conference indeed) what’s your profession, they wanted to know from me, “I am a mother, add a desperate mother, with a child with sever disability as a result of CP, I run a center for children with CP ………..I must have said something that interested them for they invited  me to their center which is about an hour away from the conference venue. The conference ended Saturday evening.

Sunday morning they sent a driver to pick me from my hotel. I was given a tour of their facility. I broke down in tears! It was my vision unfolding before me. It took  them forty years to here I was told. It was a quick visit as I had a flight to catch.

Getting home, for days I couldn’t stop thinking about the center. I wanted to see how they operate., possibly learn a few things from them. I sent a mail requesting for a hands on training sort of, to assist me in what I do. Knowing that there’s no one to leave Ziim with, I asked for therapy for her and to tell me what it will translate to in money.

A couple of days after I sent the mail, their reply came. Come, gratias, bring your daughter gratias, we’ll take you through what we do, you learn as much as you can in four weeks so you can use same to help the children you say you work with in your country. For real?

So my dear blog, here we are Turkey!!! It’s been an experience!! I promise I will share with you!!


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