Why?? the big question

‘Yinka it was who reminded me that I have not been updating you, dear blog. That was last week. I had just got off the phone with mummy T who is on the verge of deciding if  Miss T should go under the surgeon’s knife ……..now. She over heard my discussion with mummy T and asked what is with Ziim and her hip surgery.  Both she and mummy T have their children in CpCenter. later I visited a friend and he wanted to know about Ziim with regards to the same subject matter. I had  talked about it here. We did not do the surgery o, I said. But you did not tell us ke. Really??  Then I visited you dear blog,  and truly I have not talked to you in a while!!!

There is so much I should talk to you about.  But let’s start with is. Why I decided against the surgery……at least for now.

The surgeon came highly recommended.  He is one of the best in Turkey and around I was made to understand. Looking at him, you will not hesitate to put your child under his knife. He is “the ortho surgeon” for the Turkey Spastic Children’s Foundation. Kindhearted and generous, he offers his services free to children from the center, that same generousity was to be extended to us, such that we would only have paid the fee for hospital stay. According to him, the 2-3 hours surgery would require a 2 weeks hospital stay and 4 weeks post op intensive rehabilitation therapy outside of the hospital.

This would have meant our staying an extra six weeks (at least) in Turkey!

I loved Turkey, I still do. The people I met were “embarrassingly good”  if there is anything like that. If you ever hear, dear blog that Nonye has “ported” to another country, you need not ask where, know it’s to Turkey:)). The good people were still willing to give us not just free accommodation and feeding, but also the 4 weeks out of hospital intensive therapy and as part of the organization’s CSR supported us with part of the hospital fee. Yet, I chose not to stay back for the surgery even though it would have saved us having to look for airfare to go back  when I decide to have it done in the future.

Why??? The Big question.

I needed to put my house in order.  I did not consider the surgery a “now thing” enough to stay back without 1st coming home to sort out the people that help me hold up CpCenter. What if for some reason we had to stay longer. There are about nine people working with me and each of them have families. Salaries have to be paid and you know it’s Nonye who as the chief fundraiser beggar and bursar makes such payments happen.

Then there was this issue of my not being so sure I wanted the surgery. Surprised??? Yes. You will recall that after I sought for who’s knife  Ziim would go under, and practically gave up my independence which no one agreed to take up, we started looking into alternative therapies. We found and started ABR therapy in December last year. So far, let me just say that I am happy. All those pains I talked about are no longer there. Mothers of children at the center who knew how she was last year and early part of this year cann’t stop “haaing” and “ohing” at how much she has progresses, how she is all strengthened up. The interesting this is that the progress is not limited to her, but to every child (seven others) we apply the therapy on.

So I thought I should look at it some more. But if at anytime I feel this therapy is not delivering what it promised to, Istanbul Turkey is only 6-7 hrs away. And without taking my friends for granted, I believe their hearts, arms and doors will still be open for us.