How I have Missed You!

Daily I am faced with the desire to visit you and make an update. In the past months I have been unable to do that. The duty to do that which I needed to do always won!

My head is filled with months of unspoken  unwritten words struggling to be let out. All competing for primacy, putting me at the risk of sounding incoherent should I yield to  their scuffle. But I know I must not surrender to their scramble for control. I must, like an informed voter is expected, make the decision of which one takes preeminence.

I have missed you so much you won’t believe how much! There is so much I need to talk about. I hope that gradually I will be able to find the needed strength to put those words and feelings down.

How is Ziim??

You must be dying to know! So we start from there.

When we started the ABR therapy in December 2013, I did not realize how much of  our lives it will take over. But I am happy, indeed very happy that I took that step of faith. Starting ABR therapy is one of the best steps I have taken towards managing Ziim’s condition. It has not only made me have a better understanding of the condition CP, it has also made me to better understand human anatomy and how that of a child is affected by CP.

Now to the question: How is Ziim, I will answer it thus.

Within the last two week, we played host to two guests. First it was Aunty D, my Saro sister from another mum. She couldn’t stop marveling at Ziim. How she has grown, most importantly, that she is pain free. She watched as I dressed Ziim up after giving her a bath every morning. The ease with which her diaper is change! No cringing from me or crying out in pain by Ziim. Now Aunty D was with us when we were practically living in pain, so you can understand her amazement. All that pain is gone? She asked in amazement. Yes, well almost. She noted how very little she drools, and in her own words “how better aligned her body is”.

Next was my sister Amaks. She noted just the same things that Aunty D did and added that “truly, there is so much that human does not know”. Watching someone apply the ABR therapy, it may be difficult to comprehend how something  so ordinary could produce such amazing result.

So Ziim is fine, will be posting pictures soon……God help me:))

I hope this will be the start of my constant….frequent visit here to bare out my heart hoping that you will keep me company.

And how have you been?