Ziim and I  were at mass yesterday. Now that is not new, we go every Sunday.

But yesterday, we attended the 11 am mass. Now that is new. It is a mass we hardly attend, I am not quite sure we have ever attended it. Usually we attend the 6 am mass.

But in my attempt to make the parishioners know or at least see Ziim in her “extra-ordinariness”, I try to attend other masses. We have not attended the 11 am mass because it is usually longer than the rest. Yesterday I  decided for us to attend it.

March is CP awareness month, so I thought I should start the awareness from my constituency, my parish, not necessarily by carrying banners and distributing handbills.  I decided to let people who may not have seen Ziim see her and probably look, stare and hopefully ask questions.

Sometimes I am amazed at how simple prayers get immediate answer. Parking was a bit difficult for the traffic wardens on duty at this mass do not know us, thus I had to put up an argument before I was allowed to park in our usual spot. You needed to have seen the looks from people as I brought Ziim’s wheelchair, settled her and started wheeling her into the church. One woman looked so much that she almost tripped.

Now my reward and the answered prayer; as we settled in our usual seat, this young man came and sat besides us with a child, hello madam, he started, I have never seen you and your child before. Can I ask you about her. Please do, now I was beaming with smiles. Was she born like this?  Well, sort of, she has a condition called Cerebral Palsy.

The bell went, the priest was about to come in. Can I give you something you can read about the condition? Yes. he said, that will be fine, actually, we attended the last mass, I was leaving when I saw you and decided to come back and talk to you.

Fine. I gave him a copy of CpCenter brochure and newsletter.

Can I take a picture of you with my daughter? Yes. You don’t mind I’ll use it on my blog? It’s okay. Out my phone and click. Thank you!


Ziim will be nine in June, she has Cerebral Palsy, is there anything about her or the condition you would like to know. Ask…