Why I Chose Not To Be Here

If the mails from BukkieSho were not enough to ginger me to come back here, the excitement from this young lady Thursday night helped to do it. I promised her I was going to try and write before long.

Thursday night, I was at this event with a friend. It was about 11 pm, we were  set to leave, (yes, I was out that late, eyes rolling up) and there were these two visually impaired men that needed a ride out of the venue. As I stood by the bus, trying to figure out how to take them to a more convenient point which was completely out of my way, I saw this lady reading the inscriptions on the bus. As I made to open the door, she asked if I was the one that drove the  bus. Yes. Then she asked; are you the one that runs CpCenter? Yes. Do you write a blog about your daughter with CP? Yes, now I was smiling. Oh good gracious! She was excited. Her phone battery has run out she said or she would have taken a picture of us, can you believe that!!

Though I have bemoaned my inability to stop by here as often as I would have liked, I have sometimes in my quiet  moments wondered if my writing is of any use beyound being cathartic for me, thus I did not feel that anyone else would be interested in what I write. But the comments I received a couple of weeks ago from BukkieSho made me realize that there seems to be some benefit derived by a few people. In one of her comments, she said she stumbled on my blog while searching for child and adolescent centers in Lagos, and found it informative. Hm…… Then I met the lady on Thursday night.

Here, I talked about my daily struggle between coming in here, doing a number of other things for that matter and “doing that which I must do”…. which is daily doing Ziim’s ABR therapy.

ABR, Advanced Biomechanical  Rehabilitation therapy is a technique “that aims at strengthening of the smooth muscles of the airways, of tracheal cartilage, of fibrous intervertebral discs, of spinal dura, etc. (i.e. deep internal myofascial layers). The technique works on the premise that if the internal myofascial structures  are weak, the superficial muscles automatically shrink and/or collapse. If, on the other hand, internal structures get stronger, the superficial muscles automatically release, elongate and increase in volume. Thus the technique works on strengthening the internal structures, the “little muscles”, the connective tissues and this results in the release of the skeletal muscles.

Before 2013, this was theory to me. But eighteen months down the line, several trips to Hasselt, Belgium for training and tons of hours of ABR therapy exercises, it is no longer theory.


This was Ziim Nov. 2013. You can see how weak her trunk was.

This was Ziim Nov. 2013. You can see how weak her trunk was.

This is Ziim today. Note the how strong the trunk has become

This is Ziim today. Note how strong the trunk now is.


Note the weakness of the shoulder girdle and the spine.

 Nov. 2013 Note the weakness of the shoulder girdle and the spine.

Today. improved strength of the shoulder girdle Improved strength of the spine.

Today. Improved strength of the shoulder girdle. Improved strength of the spine.

It is not yet “uhuru”, wonder if it will ever be, but where we are is a lot better than where we were. And the good thing is, I am mummy the therapist!

What sent me on the journey to ABR was Ziim’s hip dislocating. I couldn’t bring myself  to tow the line of surgery knowing what I know in juxtaposition with the severity of Ziim’s CP. Not only is she grossly involved, she has seizures. Under whose knife was she to go, and what of post surgery rehabilitation? I weighed the gains expected against the risks involved, the scale tilted more on the risks. But was I to leave her in pains?

So, taking chances, trusting God and holding unto His words, I started ABR therapy. Thank God for my family and friends who lent and still lend us support.


Nov. 2013. PAIN!!

Nov. 2013. Attempt at tailor sitting. Poor segmentation lumbar/pelvis. PAIN!!

Attempt at tailor sitting. Improved segmentation lumbar/pelvis. FUN

Today. Attempt at tailor sitting. Improved segmentation lumbar/pelvis. FUN!

God is faithful, “For I WILL restore health to you and heal you of your wounds” Said the Lord.  Jeremiah 30:17

So, you can now understand why it’s easy for me to choose not to be here even when daily I was consumed with the desire to come talk to you dear blog.

I intend not to keep away for a long time for there is so much I need to share with you.

Hope you will be here.