It’s March, CP Awareness Month.

 One problem with keeping off  a blog  for a while is not knowing where to start from when  one wants to come back. Over the last few months, my  attempts to come back in here as I used to have failed. So much has happened that it is difficult for me to decide on what to talk about.  Suddenly I realize that it’s the month of March and I have to come in here.

March is Cerebral Palsy (CP) Awareness Month. CP is the most common motor development disorder.

Presenting a paper at one of the public lectures organized by CpCenter, Prof. Afolabi Lesi, a consultant pediatrician with Lagos University teaching Hospital (LUTH), said that in Lagos, Nigeria, 10 out of every 1000 live births annually results to CP. (That is 1 out of 100…hmmm that is a large number, don’t you think so?). For some children, their CP is so mild that they can function like all children do, often just with a little “clumsiness”. For others, they may need the help of a walker or wheelchair and have difficulty communicating. Yet for some, they may be totally dependent for all activities of daily living. That is, they need help to do everything you can think of!

 In honor of all the children living with CP (including my daughter Ziim, through whom I learnt and is  still learning  of the condition CP) I, over the course of the month, will attempt to talk about the condition, what it actually is when the medical toga definition is removed, how and why it is  totally life changing. I shall also talk about what we have been doing and how  parents with a newly diagnosed child can quickly move from that bus station of denial  to the station of acceptance.

I hope to find you here 🙂


Ziim, my teacher, my angel

Ziim, my teacher, my angel. She has CP, but CP does not have her.