Often I find it hard to say who I am in a word. Like when asked; what is your occupation? I live alone with my daughter Chizimuzondu, a beautiful girl with cerebral palsy (CP). I work everyday to take back as much of her as I can from CP. To achieve this, I have to take along other children like her so that the journey would be merrier. Is it not said that the more the merrier? . So I live with my daughter with CP, I work with children with CP, it is exciting!!
This blog is about my life with my “children”, my work, my hopes and my dreams…..big ones, what I am doing to actualize them. Sometimes I probably will just talk about things that may not be too relevant, it’s my blog after all.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. It is a great job you are doing here. God will bless you for being there for these kids.


  2. Nonye, I decided to dig further without asking who you are, am glad I did. I know you, my sister Chinelo’s friend and I have heard so many good things about you. Oh my, you are so much more inspirational than Chinelo let on.

    I can only offer prayers for you and Ziim.

    God bless…..


  3. Thanks Ebele “the detective”.I am glad you visited us.


  4. I enjoyed reading. God bless you and all the good work you do.


  5. people like you are very rare, you really are an angel on earth, God bless you


  6. nonix,i never knew you had the heart of mother Theresa of Calcuttta. However ,i had this strong impression that coming from a devout catholic family, that behind wrongly perceived tough stand of Nonye outwardly lies a soft lily. Your name is secured in the sacred book of life.


  7. Sister, I enjoy reading your blogs and each time I read them I always marvel at the mission you have been called to do. Only God knows the depth and breadth of this mission to which He has assigned to you. I’m glad you have embrassed this mission so passionately that prosterity will remember for it.

    Well done my sister for the good job you do the good Lord who is never out done in generosity will certainly fulfill His promise, that whatever we do to the least of His brethern we do for Him


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