Kissed by a Stranger.

Can I kiss her please?

Before I could respond (out of shock you may say) she stooped down and gave Ziim a kiss on her forehead! And walked away.

I do not know her. I don’t remember ever meeting her. She looked beautiful in her floral dress.

Different emotions raced through my mind; Shock. Anger, yes, for a split second I was angry, who is this young woman”patronizing” us? Ziim is ten for goodness sake, why should a total stranger kiss her…. just like that?

Then joy, happiness. Why not? Because Ziim is special. She is a special being who attracts good thoughts and deed. She brings out the good in people.

What is a kiss but a universal way of showing love and affection.

That was this morning, we were just about to go into the church for Ash Wednesday’s celebration when the young lady in question, seeing us coming to the door approached us.

And what a day. The first day of the month of March, Cerebral Palsy Awareness month  and the beginning of lenten season.

You see, though Ziim can’t stand by herself, she stands out in the crowd!

She is a warrior who has Cerebral Palsy.

Ziim this morning

Ziim this morning