We need a horse


I think I should stop putting Ziim on the standing frame. It is always a crying session for her. For as long as she is there she cries. Nothing, and I mean nothing you do makes her stop. She cries from the moment you put on those, let me say it, crude braces, for want of calling an object it name. Of course I know the importance of standing, but the crying or wailing just breaks my heart. Yesterday I was afraid she was going to go into a fit. I had to end the session and made a mental note to give some analgesic at night which I did.

She is due for tendon lenghtening…who told me. Haba, na me her mama, therapist add pseudo and what else. I see/feel the tight muscles in her ankle, the pronation of her feet. The proponents of alternative therapies like this one we are trying   look  at such procedures as inversive and do not give it a mark of approval. I worry daily about when the hip will start shifting, that is if it has not, I think it is called hip subluxation. I do the simple manual test, sometimes it appears okay, sometimes I think I see a deviation, or I refuse to see the deviation hm… With spasticity and non-ambulatory, Ziim is a candidate for hip subluxation, which apart from pain has a lot of other things it causes, the grammar is just making me giddy.

Sisters I meet in the group who have  walked through this lane have different views about the corrective surgeries. But most say that if they have to walk back to that  train station, they would never do it again. What most, if not all frown about is the fact that it is not a one off thing, you’ll have to do it a few more times as the child grows or is it sprouts. Apart from the cost, the pains!!! And they have to put the child’s seizures into consideration. I am swayed more to the side of the alternative therapists, that too is not like buying a cone of ice cream. But the fact that the surgeries are done repeatedly means that the root of the problem is not addressed, a claim the alternative therapists make.

One thing most of the moms recomend is therapeutic back horse riding. Those who have done it swear  by it, that it has helped the child’s hips greatly. Hm.. may be we should find a horse rider.  All these thoughts are making my head giddy, but I have to worry about my girl.   Anybody knows a horse rider around here? Please h/she has to be a therapeutic one.    

therapeutic horse riding..just imagine the rider to be Ziim

 image from google


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